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Shauna – Head Designer and owner

When Shauna was just 2, her parents bought Daisy’s of Toowong, and we suppose it was just a natural progression into the industry from there. Although, she briefly considered Architecture, flowers was where Shauna’s passion was and still is.

Having worked in the store full time since finishing high school in 1993, Shauna completed her Certificate in Commercial Floristry course at Grovely TAFE and has travelled the World in pursuit of her knowledge about all things Flower related, including 6 months in Europe and attending the Lyon Formafleur International Design School in Lyon, France.

Shauna is an accomplished demonstrator and has won many Floristry Competitions, including her first Australian Interflora Florist of The Year when she was just 21. Shauna has won 3 National & 7 State Interflora titles. In addition to assisting other florists at World Titles, Shauna has competed at Sydney, Melbourne, Toowoomba and plus many more. The highlight of her career and greatest honour was to represent Australia at the 2015 Fleurop-Interflora World Titles that were held in Berlin, Germany. Shauna, was Australia’s sole competitor and competed against 25 other countries.

With Shauna’s competition & demonstration background, she prides herself of her workmanship and producing the quality work that Indooroopilly Florist is renowned for. Shauna has been the driving force behind both stores for a number of years now, but officially became the boss, when she bought the business from her parents in 2013.

Indooroopilly Florist pride themselves getting it right. What is the most/greatest lengths that you have gone to fulfil and customers request? “There are 3, that jump out at me.

- On 15 February one year, that is right the day after Valentines Day, we had to drive to the top of Mt Tamborine, at 6.30pm after work, to collect some Arum Lilies for a wedding on 16th as the stock supplied had got spotty.

- Recently we drove to Northern NSW to get some Wheat Grass for a corporate Installation

- We also, have gone to Toowoomba to get product specifically for a customer.

We pride ourselves on getting it right and we stand behind our product.

In 2010, Shauna was appointed to the Board of Interflora and continues to hold her position with Interflora and is now the Deputy Chairwoman.

Shauna is also a qualified Interflora Judge and all round know it all when it comes to flowers.

Shauna splits her time as equally as possible between her two stores and her Interflora work.

Shauna’s favourite flower is Lily of the Valley, which unfortunately is not available to often in sunny Queensland.